About Us

About Angler Entertainment (AE):

We are a mobile game developing and operating company corporate in Singapore, and we deliver entertainment experiences to player around the world. Our multi-culture crew are locating in worldwide and are experts from different fields including casino management, statistical analysis and film producer. We are specifically developing simulated casino games with some new ideas and approaches. We are not treating every production from us is just simply as a commodity, it is a new milestone achieved by the combination of innovation, knowledge and effort from each crew member, and “We” are proud of it.

All our game doesn’t has any real money or equivalent value prize use for reward, all are just simulation. Although our game has RNG certification issued by third party, it requires player skills to complete and is not only rely on element of pure chance. Meanwhile, we want to emphasize that we develop simulated casino game, but We never suggest or recommend player to gamble, since player will not has those features we provided in the game when playing in real casino.