Our philosophy

“Game design is similar to barbecue, we wouldn’t serve expired burger to our friends, and we will throw the burnt ribs into the rubbish bin directly. We try our best to let the skin of chicken wing being crisp, and we will add various flavouring on the sausage by guest favour. We can’t guarantee our friend will be happy during joining, but we can guarantee we provided our best for the gathering and make it comfortable”

When we designed “Wal’King Blackjack”, we had many ideas and concepts, finally we only combined few of them but gave up most of them and then undergoes many times of adjustments. During development stage, We experienced dejection when things were not going well as planned, we kept testing and tuned with patience, we also encountered various issues and we had to overcome it.

Our persistence are not for money only, we also set a target for us to working for, as we will use part of our profit for charity supporting, since we don’t want money is the only purpose for our game design and development. We are neutral on polity and will transfer the funding to well-recognised organisation worldwide. We persist and wish our work can be meaningful and not just measured by how much revenue we could generate.

Then we can enjoy a barbecue meal afterward.